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Gaya has devoted her life to the Visionary Art; for her this is the way to represent the spiritual level, the vibrations as universe structure and to share the message, what the vision teaches, what the matter conceals, what our 5 senses can’t feel, the research of the truth.

 She was born in Italy in 1989 and with an incredible imagination started to draw when she was just 3 years old. 

 As a child she tooks part in art exhibitions and she published 4 illustrated books.   She studied major painting techniques in the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, in Roman School of Comics and digital painting in Genius Academy in Rome.

Her past work experience includes editorial illustration, advertising, comics, installations, etc… At the moment she makes art in all its forms: digital painting, big sizes murals, oil on canvas, tattoo, artworks on commission, decorations, fittings.

Particulary she deals hand-painting custom wall murals for homes and businesses in Europe, Australia, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Turkey, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Perú. She reaches the customer’s wishes and needings through a process that goes beyond art, deeply understanding their personal feelings with holistic and empathic feedback sessions. 

She loves create connection beetwen artists and she organizes and manages art galleries in Italy as Sonica Festival, 7 Chakras Festival, Visionaria etc…She exhibits her artworks in Contemporary Museums Da Nang in Vietnam, Italy and festivals including Ozora in Hungary, Rainbow Serpent and Esoteric in Australia, Atman in Sri Lanka, Cosmic Convergence in Guatemala and many places in Europe;

Gaya started to experiment the art of vision with out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams’ analysis, astral travels, various meditation techniques including Buddhism, yoga, Merkaba meditation, study of quantum physics and other writings and  rituals.

Gaya likes to mix sacred geometry with human anatomy and environment, the figure’s images are lightened until reaching immateriality, until the return to the origins of the universe, an act of striving for the ultimate goal of all things, with no time and space.




    “It was incredible to work with a person who lives on art and dedicates herself to painting with joy and spirituality; I would like to thank Gaya for her talent, for what she shared during the lessons, for her knowledge, helping to bring out the best side of me, through various exercises. thanks Gaya for what you shared in the lessons together!”

Bruno Vedovatti 

Student, Artist

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“Also this year today was the last day of the art course held by Gaya Camponi, a fantastic and truly professional person.

A course that is good for both the soul and for those like me who are never satisfied with learning the artistic techniques… Describe the experience? it’s difficult to describe something crazy that feeds your spirit… but it is as if at each lesson with sweetness and infinite patience I Gaya illuminated my way…

I am overjoyed by this experience that every time amazes me more and more of how art and soul go hand in hand !!!! thank you very much fantastic teacher I love you.”

Rita D’Amore

Student, Artist

      “Gaya Camponi: an Artist with a capital, A good is competent, with her art she is her love in what she creates: it helps you to understand that we are something else, I want to thank you for everything you do by putting in ❤🙏🙏🙏 Thanks!

PS: the advice you will be amazed!”

Anna Maria Cava



I met Gaya after traveling and dreaming through her paintings;
I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the worlds she created by being permanently at a friend’s house. I commissioned 
Lakshmi and she manifested itself  like a song (…)
Lakshmi is the Mother Goddess, consort of Vishnu and mother of Kama, god of love, the total representation of the feminine. She is the goddess of abundance, of prosperity that embraces everything.
I have worked for a long time with birth, I love women in all stages of life, now the perineum is my passion.
When Lakshmi arrived I could not ask for better protection to accompany my courses and it was clear that Gaya could have

realized my vision.
Gaya immediately grasped, understanding her design was easy for her, I knew what I wanted, she knew how to interpret it, it didn’t take much to take action!
Seeing her realize my vision allowed me to immerse myself in her world, an ethereal creature at times unreal who made me enter the magical world of psychomagic.
Now Gaya and Lakshmi accompany my courses: immense gratitude!

Francesca Caroli

Perinatal Educator, Doula




“When souls seek and meet, thought forms and important bonds are born …
April 2021, I received a phone call from a friend, I accepted the invitation as his guest to the Meraki project. When I arrived I was amazed when in front of me I saw a shed where there was a huge masonry on the facade.

I immediately looked familiar, I asked if that Seal had been painted by Gaya. The answer was a big smile and yes, I recognized the stroke, the hand, her energy …


… Gaya that I didn’t know yet, but I followed ecstatic on social media, enraptured by her visionary art … Gaya for me, as if I knew her always … give me your phone number right away. Extraordinary was the story she told me where they were “stuck” together s… in the Andes.

It was a sign, the next day I called her. I told her that I had been following her for a long time and admired her art, so much so that I always recognized her works, I asked Gaya if she had the possibility to create something on a wall in my house: she was truly splendid, while I was talking to her about how I wanted thank my home, the wood where I had returned to live (a hamlet called Querce), the sacredness of the feminine and masculine…


So with simplicity and naturalness, on the other side of the phone, with pencil and paper, she was creating. She turned to me in a moment what they were making, she showed me in real time a leap to the heart and soul. It was what I imagined and managed to fully center the sacredness of creation, the cycle of the cosmos, the 4 elements, the Gyan mudra, the duality of Ying and Yang … So on May 20, 2021 we spent a week of growth and creation; I am always grateful for this meeting and for the Seal created by her in my holiday home, a structure surrounded by greenery; her work of hers is the perfect balance and thanksgiving to mother earth and creation …
I have grown a lot by being in contact with Gaya, we made and materialized Tao in May 2021 and in June 2021 we collaborated for a sacred art retreat.
Each soul that approaches her grows, evolves and improves as each one walks along her path, but which fortunately we know will cross paths.
Thanks Gaya with the good vibes of Tao!”

Guia Boletti
Holiday House


“This painting is my most treasured piece…

Gaya, you are truly an artististic/creative genius. The art you channel is so powerful and beautiful, and I am so, so grateful we crossed paths and our ideas merged for this painting to birth, through you, into this world.

I have it in my bedroom – my sanctuary! – and it acts as a focal point of energy/reverence/awe/spiritual practice.


The dragon/phoenix have been with me for as long as I can remember. Thank you so much for bringing my guides to life. I am forever grateful and in awe of you.

Big love, Gaya!! “

Molly Kane