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2m x 2m acrylic on wall. In a marine version, the concept of Spirit of Molecule is proposed again after 7 years: The decomposition of matter into a structure of divine proportions. The wall of a villa houses this new work by the artist who sees the spirit of water as the protagonist. How much […]

Machu Picchu

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This work was made on the occasion of the Magical Mistery art exhibition held at via del Gesù, Rome in 2013. The artwork is paint with watercolors on paper. For the theme of magic and mystery, a nocturnal ritual with fire set in South America was illustrated. The forces of nature are with us if […]

My Casa Da Nang

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Da Nang, Vietnam. This decoration was commissioned to embellish the porch of My Casa Restaurant. Colored glossy glazes were used, taking up the modern style of the place. Da Nang, Vietnam. Questa decorazione è stata commissionata per abbellire il porticato di My Casa Restaurant. Sono stati utilizzati smalti lucidi colorati riprendendo lo stile moderno del […]

The Village Resort Da Nang

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Da Nang, Vietnam. This artwork was commissioned by the owner of The Village Resort in the tourist center of the city overlooking the beach. The work 7 m long x 2m high was carried out using a mixed airbrush technique and brushes with acrylic colors. Elements related to the symbols of the Vietnamese coast have […]

Zipolite Lyooban Restaurant

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Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico. They commissioned this artwork inside the hotel restaurant Lyooban. About 7 m long and 3 m high, the wall is in front of the Pacific Ocean; the artwork representes typical plants and animals of the place with acrylic colors. Zipolite, Oaxaca, Messico. è stata commissionata quest’opera muraria all’interno dell’ hotel ristorante Lyooban. Lunga […]

Gipsy Fashion Style

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Naples, Italy. This artwork commissioned 4 m for about 2 m in height within the Gipsy Fashion Style clothing store. The painting created with acrylic colors, depicting the landscape of a fairy world make up of elven architecture and enchanted waterfalls. Napoli, Italia. è stata commissionata quest ‘opera muraria di 4 m per circa 2 […]

Amsterdam Skyline

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Noventa Vicentina, Italy. this masonry of about 5 m by 3 meters in height was commissioned in the hall of a villa. The acrylic-colored painting was created with the use of a frontal perspective for the city of Amsterdam. Noventa Vicentina, Italia. è stata commissionata quest’opera muraria di circa 5 m per 3 metri di […]