Decorative Art


Flower Time

It’s not just about redeveloping environments by painting on walls, it’s about generating new life in people’s minds. It’s like magic! Knowing how to listen to everyone’s desires and needs and understand what they need most in their daily lives. What would help them have in front of their eyes, what to look at to

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2m x 2m acrylic on wall. In a marine version, the concept of Spirit of Molecule is proposed again after 7 years: The decomposition of matter into a structure of divine proportions. The wall of a villa houses this new work by the artist who sees the spirit of water as the protagonist. How much

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Title: Tao Dimensions: 4m x 3m Technique: Painting, Acrylic on wall. Description of the work: Here is the perfect harmony of the cosmos described in this masonry. Since the dawn of Creation, duality brings out the opposites of the Universe and these 2 energies intertwine in an endless cycle of creation-destruction. As the relationship between

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The Bad Trip

Due tavole di fumetto realizzate per la mostra di fine anno della SRF Scuola Romana di Fumetto, anno 2013. La storia narra di uno sciamano, un mago o forse un Dio che gioca a creare un mondo nel suo calderone; ha vari ingredienti da aggiungere e comincia a fare dei tentativi. L’ambientazione riporta dettagli di

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Blue Toroid

” Sacred Geometry Design ” Art Collection presents Blue Toroid. The Art Collection was born from the idea of ​​giving new life to ancient wine barrels to transform them into powerful vehicles of ascension thanks to the fusion with the Sacred Geometries, instruments of meditation and energetic harmony. Blue ToroidAcrylic and gold on wood, Ø

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Neo Mondo magazine

Magazine self-produced by the Quercus Collective of the Quercus Onlus Association. The magazine is distributed free of charge in a voluntary project to inform and facilitate adaptation to the new world we are about to create. Magazine autoprodotto dal Collettivo Quercus dell’ Associazione Quercus Onlus. La rivista è distribuita gratuitamente in un progetto volontario allo

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