Pyramid Power

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Acrylic on canvas 75x55cm I started drawing this image about 7 years ago.Then I set the canvas aside, almost forgetting about it.More and more I felt the noose around my neck, the oppression of ordinary people, the masses. Like many I have researched in ancient texts, in archeology, in history, in marketing, in politics.Years ago […]

Ancient Knowledge

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Oil on canvas 1m x 80cm 2022 The artist present a creature born from an encounter with a sorceress. ”…I was on Lake Titicaca about a year and a half ago, among magical tribal peoples, Andean traditions, spaceships, legends of ascended masters and much more. A white witch appeared, who wanted to play with me, […]


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Oil on canvas 80cm x 1m 2022 Gaya present Prayer, the new oil canvas just born. I speak to you of a hope for human evolution, I speak to you of a prayer made in your darkest moments, I speak to you of that desire to change in the long-awaited improvement … Yes, you know […]


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2m x 2m acrylic on wall. In a marine version, the concept of Spirit of Molecule is proposed again after 7 years: The decomposition of matter into a structure of divine proportions. The wall of a villa houses this new work by the artist who sees the spirit of water as the protagonist. How much […]


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Title: Tao Dimensions: 4m x 3m Technique: Painting, Acrylic on wall. Description of the work: Here is the perfect harmony of the cosmos described in this masonry. Since the dawn of Creation, duality brings out the opposites of the Universe and these 2 energies intertwine in an endless cycle of creation-destruction. As the relationship between […]

Crystal Portrait

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The portrait was made in 2020 for Andrea Andres and his Crystal. The artist highlighted the aura with a flower of life pattern and inserted galaxies and zodiac signs at the request of the client. Il ritrattoè stato realizzato nel 2020 per Andrea Andres e il suo Crystal. L’artista ha evidenziato l’aura con un pattern […]


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Villa Dona Juana, 2m x 1m panel stone, mix technique acrylic and oil. This is a commission request by Dona Juana; from a desire comes the idea, from the idea comes the will to realize; and here I enter the field. I love channeling people’s energy, materializing their dreams. Magically an alchemical spell takes shape. […]

Tobacco Spirit

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Tobacco Spirit 70cm x 55cm acrylic on canvas Here is the legend of the Native American revenge on the white conqueror. After the bloody extermination of this people in the north of the continent, the last natives gave the Tobacco Spirit to the white man, without however passing him the knowledge to understand the power of […]

Crystal Palace

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CRYSTAL PALACE acrylic on canvas, 70 x 45cm We ‘re matter for learning … we ‘re pure channels of interconnection with the Absolute Being, we ‘re at the service of the Cosmos. We come from the heavenly gardens, where transparent crystal castles shine, waterfalls and flowers flow, spirits pray for us. Here there is immense joy, […]

Cocoa Cerimony

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COCOA CERIMONY acrylic on canvas Collect the wood for the fire, open the yellow fruits and take the precious black beans inside, toast and trital, boil them with water in a pot. Say thank you. Pay homage to the spirit of cocoa, so powerful. Give thanks to all the indigenous tribes who cultivate this sacred […]