Flower Time

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It’s not just about redeveloping environments by painting on walls, it’s about generating new life in people’s minds. It’s like magic! Knowing how to listen to everyone’s desires and needs and understand what they need most in their daily lives. What would help them have in front of their eyes, what to look at to […]

Blue Toroid

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” Sacred Geometry Design ” Art Collection presents Blue Toroid. The Art Collection was born from the idea of ​​giving new life to ancient wine barrels to transform them into powerful vehicles of ascension thanks to the fusion with the Sacred Geometries, instruments of meditation and energetic harmony. Blue ToroidAcrylic and gold on wood, Ø […]

Golden Sri Yantra

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SACRED GEOMETRY DESIGN Art Collection present Golden Sri Yantra. Handmade Sri Yantra Acrylic, oil and gold on wood, Ø 80cm. Sri Yantra: the most sacred of all yantras, symbol of good luck represents the powerful and permanent flow of creation. It has been used for thousands of years to foster good luck: meditation with Sri […]

Sacred Plant Decor

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Square wooden table decorated with central mandala and floral frame. The plants included in the composition have power and sacredness.Made in 2018 for the Sacchetti family. Tavolo quadrato in legno decorato con mandala centrale e cornice floreale. Le piante inserite nella composizione hanno potere e sacralità.Realizzato nel 2018 per la famiglia Sacchetti.

Didgeridoo Flower of Life

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This work was born from the collaboration with the producer of musical instruments Nicolò Lai in 2017.The Didgeridoo was decorated with a flower of life pattern with shades of warm colors from light to dark, varying in size and intensity, up to the true grain of Tuscan olive wood. A white spiral of hexagons coils […]

Vortex of Life

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Vortex of Life⁣Wooden mosaic born from the collaboration of @flowringdeco and @gayacamponiart • Painted on birch wood • Ø 70 cm • 27.5 “⁣For info and costs contact in direct msg 📨⁣Divine light radiates energy through nature, leaves, drops of water, fish, feathers, woods, to our consciousness, which opens and awakens.⁣A portal with aquatic shades […]