Painting Artist


Gaya is devoted her life to the Visionary Art; for her this is the way to represent the spiritual level, the vibrations as universe structure and to share the message of pure love, what the vision teaches, what the matter conceals, what our 5 senses can’t feel, the research of the truth.

She was born in Italy in 1989 and with an incredible imagination started to draw when she was just 3 years old. As a child she tooks part in art exhibitions and she published 4 illustrated books. She studied major painting techniques in the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, in Roman School of Comics and digital painting in Genius Academy in Rome.

Her past work experience includes editorial illustration, advertising, comics, installations, etc… At the moment she makes art in all its forms: digital painting, big sizes murals, oil on canvas, tattoo, artworks on commission, decorations, fittings.

 Particulary she deals hand-painting custom wall murals for homes and businesses in Europe, Australia, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Turkey, Guatemala, Sri Lanka. She reaches the customer’s wishes and needings through a process that goes beyond art, deeply understanding their personal feelings with holistic and empathic feedback sessions.  She loves create connection beetwen artists and she organizes and manages art galleries in Italy as Sonica Festival, 7 Chakras Festival, Visionaria etc…She exhibits her artworks in Contemporary Museums in Vietnam, Italy and festivals including Ozora in Hungary, Rainbow Serpent and Esoteric Festival in Australia, Atman in Sri Lanka, Cosmic Convergence in Guatemala and many places in Europe;

Gaya started to experiment the art of vision with out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams’ analysis, astral travels, various meditation techniques including Buddhism, yoga, Merkaba meditation, study of quantum physics and other writings, medicine plants, cerimonies and shamanic rituals.  Gaya likes to mix sacred geometry with human anatomy and environment, the figure’s images are lightened until reaching immateriality, until the return to the origins of the universe, an act of striving for the ultimate goal of all things, with no time and space.